Will Congress Pass Unemployment Bill Soon?

Will Congress pass the unemployment bill soon? There was finally some good news for those who have exhausted their benefits or are about to run out. It appears the bill is finally being discussed now-this after the Senate reconvened yesterday after a 10 day break. The unemployment bill, which allows the current unemployment benefits extension to continue, would aid many jobless Americans who are seeking help while they look for employment.

According to Reuters, the took up the issue today on June 8, 2010. It appears that Congress will most likely pass the unemployment bill but an answer to how long it will take is still up in the air.
What’s at stake? Many Americans are reeling from the bad job market and the unemployment rate-which is hovering near 10 percent still. That means many jobless Americans are hoping Congress will pass the unemployment bill to keep the flow of money coming to those seeking work.

According to this Reuter’s story, Senate Democratic leaders are optimistic that Congress will pass the unemployment bill. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus introduced the legislation today on June 8, 2010. Baucus has been a major positive for unemployed workers in the entire unemployment benefits extension issue.

60 votes are needed to push the unemployment bill through from the 100 member United States Senate. It seems likely that it will pass but now the clock is ticking as many have already exhausted benefits.
Congress needs to act with urgency for those unemployed workers who have abruptly lost their benefits. They can act by quickly passing the unemployment bill.