NY Congressman Resigns Over Shirtless Photo: Fair or Not Fair

Republican Christopher Lee resigned from the U.S house on Wednesday night. The congressman resigned from office just a short time after a website reported that Lee tried to meet up with a woman on Craigslist. The congressman sent a photo of himself shirtless to the woman.

This is kind of BS, and it is BS because Christopher Lee should not have felt like he had to resigned because he sent a shirtless photo to some woman he tried to meet off of Craigslist. Sure, Lee is a married father, and maybe it was morally wrong of the congressman to try and meet another woman, but this is still no reasons at all for him to resign, and it is very unfair that this congressman left his job due to this situation. Christopher Lee is not the first politician to do something like this, and he is not the first republican to cheat or attempt to cheat, and democrats have had people in office who have also cheated. We all remember what happen with Bill Clinton when he was the president of the United States of America.

The point is that the congressman should not have had to resign over this event, as he has not broke any laws. America has a lot more important issues to deal with and democrats and republicans, all politicians in general should not worry about what some congressman did in his spare time, because he was not breaking any laws. In all of the reports that I have read, none have mentioned if Lee sent the photo while he was at work, and if he sent that photo while he was not at work then it really should not matter.

The congressman should not have felt like he had to step down, especially if no work codes were violated or any laws were broken. Him resigning due to the photos is not fair.