Is Yahoo News an Anti-American News Source?

Yahoo! is the web's biggest meeting place, rated #1 overall in traffic, but does Yahoo have an insidious, anti-American liberal bent lurking in its closet?

Yahoo news stories almost always seem to showcase deaths in Iraq, sympathetic viewpoints from forces hostile to America, and outright vicious name calling of Bush and his conservative administration. The pattern is well worn and painfully obvious, at least to these eyes. It is almost impossibly easy to describe oneself as a news service on the world wide web these days, but a substantial measure of non-bias and journalistic responsibility come along with such a claim, to be sure.

But hey, this is the Internet and sometimes it's easy to forget that.

The greater question is, regarding Yahoo's often folsom, left leaning slant, is Yahoo aiding and abetting the war on terror? Surely, Al-Qaeda and its key operatives surf Yahoo News on a daily basis, ostensibly to finger the pulse of American consensus regarding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the attitudes of the American public at home in general. One thousand Al-Qaeda spies could not inflict as much harm as a single day of Yahoo news threads do to our nation's cause, in my assessment. Yahoo surely has many friends in the Islamic world, indeed.

According to Yahoo, both wars against radical Islam are unwinnable, unprovoked, and unspeakable social evils perpetuated solely for America's oil lust and Bush's unbridled ego. According to Yahoo, civil rights in America lie slashed and bloodied by a flaying Draconian conservative sword, and that fomenting, breathless throngs of politically suppressed Americans are clamoring for their lost Constitutional freedoms, at direct odds with a Great Dark Christian Empire pounding them down back into place.

At least that's the world according to the guys at Yahoo, in my view.

That's how you lose wars, you know. By convincing the world you are losing. Who is to say that the Iraq insurgency wouldn't have caved and given up two years ago if liberal media had taken the alarmingly obvious stance of picking a side? The shocking reality is because Yahoo and similar liberal web based sites do not seem to be on our side.

Certainly, war deaths must be acknowledged, but with a grisly daily head count, tallying the score of death like some terrible soccer match? One shudders to think what would have become of the efforts against Nazism in World War II, when 220,000 Americans GI's died fighting Hitler in Europe, if a daily death tally were broadcast to a frightened nation's trembling hands and fearful eyes. My perception suggests that Yahoo seems to cross the line, perhaps even with sinister intentions. Maybe that's why we haven't yet won the war on terror, because liberal pages such as Yahoo are in the way, perhaps willingly.