Master the Art of 6 Best Mobile Apps to Create Your Wedding E-invites With These Awesome Tips

Introduction about best mobile apps to create for wedding e-invite


A wedding is a life-changing event. This brings a lot of joy and happiness to everyone’s life. In addition to this, there can be a lot of stress in making wedding arrangements. Wedding apps are mobile applications that are specially designed to help someone with different tasks related to their wedding. Some of the facts about the best mobile apps to create your wedding E-invites have been discussed in this article.

app para crear invitaciones


Benefits of the wedding e-invites:


  1. The wedding e-invites are mainly environment friendly. A huge amount of paper is used for the traditional wedding invitations. Going digital can help in saving the trees and in turn our planet. For the distribution of the printed cards, people mainly travel a lot. This absorbs a lot of fuel and contributes to pollution. Sending digital cards through email saves a lot of fuel and energy.
  2. The option is budget-friendly. Digital cards are a lot more economical than printed cards. There is a substantial difference of cost in the two. The e-invites require no postal charges and also there is no fuel consumption. So, in this way, one can save a lot of money and the same money can be utilized in other necessary wedding preparations.
  3. The e-invite option is mainly faster and easier.  The e-invites can be prepared in just a few minutes and can be sent away with one click. This normally saves quite a bit of time and therefore, can be a great option for busy professionals who do not have sufficient wedding preparations. With just a single click and all the guests, someone selected will receive the e-invites instantly.
  4. It is becoming a trend in society. Affection is always appreciated and thus, affection to the environment during anybody’s wedding can be a great gesture to the environment.
  5. The electronic invitation cards can have many interesting features. It is important for the host to know how many guests are coming. It helps the host to manage the space and food accordingly. These e-invite options can make the RSVP more simplified. The invited guests can simply reply back to the invitation by filling the RSVP form.


Some of the popular e-invite apps in the market for the wedding invitation:


  1. Guested: This particular app has the travel, inventory, and schedule manager. This can help the host to keep track of the room and the vehicle assignments and their schedule.
  2. Vowed: In this app, one can create the community, to share the update and share the information. Also one can share the images and videos in the gallery section of the app.
  3. Wed Me good: This particular website has a simple user interface. Here there is the feature to find wedding vendors very easily.
  4. Appy couple: This is a paid app. The guests can get all the information about the wedding in one place.
  5. Iwed planner: One can add many subtasks to the main task through this app. This app has got all the features for the detailed planning of the wedding.
  6. Canva



Wedding e-invites are becoming popular when it comes to planning for a wedding.

What Is the Best Hosting Provider for WordPress?

It is a fact that WordPress is among the most popular tools to create your website. Meanwhile, you also need the best hosting to provide to make the best of your website. To guide you, the following is a list of the for WordPress.




This hosting provider is ideal for bloggers and small businesses using WordPress. It is easy to use and has valuable extras in WP Pro plans. It has VPS-based architecture to provide excellent WordPress performance through NGINX. It is a custom PHP-FPM setup which allocates resources via KVM hypervisor.

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However, Bluehost doesn’t have free site migration on its cheapest plan. The pricing plans begin at $2.95 monthly. Enhancing your website’s overall performance is possible with opting for Bluehost.




Another reliable hosting provider for WordPress is InMotion. It is US-based with over 350,000 domain names. The plans of this hosting service are available with unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificate, CDN as well as 200 WordPress themes. They also offer reliable and immediate support on a 24/7 basis. They offer US phone support as well as live chat.


InMotion provides free site transfers and features BoldGrid pre-installed website builder. They provide 90 days money-back guarantee. Their pricing plans begin at $4.99 per month. It comes with about 99.92% uptime and 598 ms load time. It offers unlimited bandwidth, cPanel site management, and automatic updates.


As you upgrade your plan in InMotion, you can get additional features like plugin subscriptions, premium themes, dedicated IP address as well as support for hosting various sites. Meanwhile, this provider is a little bit costly. If you’re a budget-conscious website owner, it may not be the perfect one for you.




The Flywheel is advisable for agencies and freelancers. It has a user-friendly interface and has easy build. Its pricing plans begin at $14 monthly. It can transfer sites to clients easily. The hosting service offers 14 days for free, password-protected demo site. With this, you can have an effective evaluation if you’re going to avail of their plans or not.




SiteGround web hosting is recommended by WordPress. It offers 24/7 customer support and has auto-update and daily backups. Its pricing plans begin at $3.95 monthly. It also offers more advanced security for the peace of mind of users.


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There are lots of hosting providers for WordPress, so you must carefully choose the right one to enhance the performance of your website. You can choose one from the above-mentioned list. In choosing the best hosting provider for WordPress, make sure to consider the speed or loading time, uptime, and, most importantly, the customer support.


They must offer you with excellent customer support for your WordPress needs. Each hosting provider comes with different plans, so you can choose the one that suits your budget and needs.