American Politics Can Cause Diverticulitis in Seniors

Uncle Harry came over for breakfast this morning. I was making corn fritters with maple syrup and the aroma travelled across our snow-logged backyard into his bathroom, while he was getting a load off his mind.

He is not supposed to eat corn. The doctor told him that he has diverticulitis; he can't digest American politics either, but Harry never listens to anyone.

This morning, he walks into my kitchen looking like the cat that ate the canary.

"Got any left?" He asked.

"You know that you are not supposed to eat them." I responded.

"Everything in moderation." He said.

He had The Washington Times folded under one arm.

"That's why you have diverticulitis." I said. "You're obsessed with politics."

"I like to hit the newspaper with a bingo highlighter," he said. "The ones with the orange dots should have gone to school to learn how to train killer whales, instead of majoring in political science."

"Look, I know its gearing up for another 'snowicane,' but can't you call Dick and play cards or something, instead of reading the Times? You guys like Uno."

"I think you might be interested in what Hillary said this morning." He said.

"What, she's on Judge Judy? The statute of limitations has run out on that one."

"No, she thinks domestic bikering in the media is setting a bad example abroad," he said.

"Why, did she whack him with a corn fritter and Al Jazeera is lobbying for a recall?"

"No, lookey here:"

News Article:

"Nice." I said. She has a 70% approval rating, no thanks to Bill. She should know what supports one's characterization."

"Did you notice, ever since the Republicans treated Glenn Beck's chalkboard like an Egyptian Pharaoh at CPAC, the Democrats are advocating bipartisanship," he exclaimed. "And look at Bernanke's report."

"Harry, do something bipartisan and let the cat out, before he pees on your damp flip-flop."

American Idol News: Judge Kara DioGuardi Fired!

Kara DioGuardi is leaving American Idol, and apparently, it isn't because she wants to! Reports of the shocking American Idol news are coming in from everywhere from CBS to MTV, and it sounds like the news is legit. Kara DioGuardi was apparently fired from the hit Fox reality singing competition this week, though there is no word yet on why the network has reportedly failed to renew her contract.

Kara DioGuardi Fired From American Idol, New Celeb Judges Eyed Include J-Lo and Steven Tyler

Kara DioGuardi was reportedly signed to a year-to-year "upon review" type of contract with American Idol. One reason behind Kara DioGuardi getting the boot from American Idol? Some speculate falling ratings may have prompted network execs to return to a three-judge panel. Mary L. of Tucson, AZ, seems to favor the change. She summed up her thoughts on the matter quite simply, saying she felt the critiques of four judges ends up taking "too much time away from the contestants."

Kara DioGuardi joined American Idol two years ago. The singer/songwriter has seen a rather successful career in the music industry, currently sitting Office of the Chairman for Warner Brothers Records. according to her Wikipedia bio, Kara DioGuardi has been "credited on over 120 album releases".

Many American Idol fans may be wondering who will replace Kara DioGuardi as American Idol judge next season, but the answer may be no one! With Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and now Kara DioGuardi out of the picture, a return to a three-judge panel will dictate only two new judges joining the show.

Top 'dawg' Randy Jackson will remain on the panel as the only original American Idol judge on the show, while rumors circulate Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith may fill the newly open seats (People Magazine, TMZ). Friday's American Idol news may have many fans stunned, but how will it actually affect the show's ratings? We'll just have to wait until next season to find out. Stay tuned!

What do you think about today's American Idol news? Is this a smart move for the show? You can sound off on this issue in the comments section below!

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