ABC News Poll Shows 71% Americans Find Sarah Palin Unqualified for President

An ABC News/Washington Post Poll reflecting that most Americans do not believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be president may not have been the best birthday gift for the ex-governor of Alaska but it probably was suitable from the perspective of the 71% that found her so. Luckily for Sarah Palin, the poll was taken (February 4-8) before the fallout of the hand notes mini-scandal and Retardgate, not afterward. Her unqualified numbers would undoubtedly have soared even higher.

Seriously, how do you forget the talking points that you repeat every time you're behind a podium? Sarah Palin knows how, you betcha! And how do you defend a guy (Rush Limbaugh) calling people "retards" right after you condemned another person (Rahm Emmanuel) of the opposite political party for doing the very same thing? Sarah Palin knows how to be a hypocrite as well, by golly.

Regardless, the ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed that 71% of Americans believe that Sarah Palin is unqualified to be president. Only 26% believed she is qualified. That qualified number is down from 38% from a similar poll conducted in November.

And it isn't just liberals, Democrats, and independents that are viewing the hockey mom politician in a negative light as time progresses. Her qualified numbers among conservatives alone fell 21% since November to 45%. (By the way, that number was lower than her age, which is now 46.)

To make matters a bit worse, the poll indicated that 37% of Americans have a favorable view of Sarah Palin, while 55% held an unfavorable view of her.

With numbers like those, it is difficult to see someone like Sarah Palin receiving the nod from the Republican Party in 2012. And with her constant exposure as a contributor on Fox News, it is possible that those chances will become even narrower as election season approaches. Add in her declarations on her Facebook page and her unsubstantiated and factless meanderings in articles and books and those unqualified numbers will remain as high as her favorable numbers remain low.

Conservatives are practical by nature. They are also usually quite loyal. But what they generally are not is loyal to the point of ridiculousness (except in the case of those loyal to George W. Bush). As loyal as many of them are to Sarah Palin, the practical portion of the average conservative will undoubtedly win out in the end. The problem? Grudgingly admitting that they were wrong about Palin's presidential credibility and/or admitting that liberals and independents and Ed Rollins (Republican strategist) were right.

Perhaps just this one exception…